Good News Happy New Year 2023

Good News: A Prophetic Word for 2023

Good news is our highlight for 2023.

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For 23 years I have experienced the Gospel, which means “good news (Gr. Euangelion). In fact, my first decision to “test” the possibility of believing that God has plans for my future has led to new steps and a greater commitment to Jesus and the church each year.

In 1999 my decision became public on the occasion of my water baptism, a common practice of the Christian faith. But it was a few years earlier, when I had the opportunity to respond to faith in Jesus for the first time, that I said ‘yes’, and I have never looked back since.

In 2023

All of this is to say that I believe that in 2023 God will give us a broader understanding of what the Gospel means. More than a mental understanding, the eternal message of salvation in Jesus requires the ability of our hearts to humbly accept the possibility of believing in God and giving Him a chance in our story.

The good news of Jesus will become a more tangible truth in our lives, and in the global church, from the sincere practice of humility. The more we care about our neighbors and less about ourselves, the more we will know the person and message of Jesus.

How can we offer good news?

Here in Austin, we encounter vulnerable families on a daily basis. Some need food, clothes, diapers and products for their babies; others seek prayer, counseling, training, etc. And when we place ourselves in God’s hands as intermediaries of his love, he allows us to connect those who have plenty with those who lack. Then we can offer good news.

Good news and peace

This good news, which translates into the Gospel expressed through our relationships, awakens peace in our hearts. The more we learn to be guided by that peace, the more aligned with the Holy Spirit we will live. And the result will be more and more the reality of amazing good news.

Our decision

It is true that we live in a terrible world. The intentional work of evil spiritual forces and human cruelty add up, and unfortunately, much suffering occurs daily in our community. We have no control over these circumstances – nor do we need to.

Good news does not depend on these external factors. In fact, our decisions will determine the assertiveness and satisfaction of our future.

Have a 2023 of Good News

Therefore, we invite you to decide for the truth of the Gospel of Jesus in 2023. Be aware of the relationships and resources that God has provided you with. And dedicate your life to sharing the good news with your neighbor.

In this way, you will be guaranteeing not only a happy new year, but a journey of faith towards an eternity of blessings. Happy 2023! Jesus will always be our good news.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?
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