5 prophetic words for the New Year

Prophetic Message for 2022

The vision the Lord gave me for the year 2022 is a shepherd tending his flock of sheep. A sheep that has a good shepherd is always well fed, calm and contemplating the most beautiful landscapes on earth. So it will be with you who keep your trust in God. You will enjoy HIS plans with hope and prosperity in this new year.

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Five Prophetic Words for 2022:

1. Advance (Success)

The year 2022 will be a period of advancement. Even in difficulties, God will lead you to a better life in a future of peace and prosperity. Justice will be executed in your favor. Restoration and satisfaction will find you from your willingness to reform the culture around you. The Lord God will restore your fortunes in this new year. It’s up to you to keep your heart in line with God’s purpose. Pray for the peace of Israel and remain committed to the church of Jesus.

2. Hope (Future)

Your heart will be full of hope in 2022. The certainty of a good future for you and your family will be a clear result of your dependence on God’s Word. You will experience promises fulfilled like never before in your history. Your family members will be close to you and God will bless you with healthy relationships beginning from your home in 2022.

3. Faith (No Fear)

Faith will mark your life in 2022, and increasingly from this year onwards. From your relationship with God through faith in Jesus and intimacy with the Holy Spirit, you will experience less of your own efforts and more grace on your behalf. Your life of continual prayer will lead you to discover mysteries revealed by God beyond any human wisdom. You won’t live in fear in 2022 by constantly reminding yourself that nothing is too hard for God. Speak only words of faith!

4. Abundance (Stewardship)

Every day of 2022 you will enjoy abundance. Furthermore, God will help you to grow in your stewardship by making you faithful and prosperous on the resources He has entrusted to you. Documents will be written and signed in your favor, and you will make incomprehensible investments that will yield you excellent results. For this, do not associate with unstable individuals or organizations or tolerate false prophets, those who do not have coherence between their speech and their practices. Trust the Word of God in your heart and remember that the blessing of the Lord is what makes rich and no effort can substitute it.

5. Plans (Purpose)

Yes, God has plans for your family in 2022. While you still don’t know which direction to go in, or how to be successful in your decisions, the Lord is well aware of the plans He has already prepared for you. And you will see the Lord’s plans unfolding in your life as you live, guided by the Holy Spirit, moment by moment. Wisdom will manifest in your life as you value your relationship with the Holy Spirit. And that’s why the Lord knows but doesn’t fully reveal His plans to you. He wants you to discover them by walking close to Him daily. And so God will accomplish his good purpose for you.

God Has Plans!

You and your family will live out God’s plans in 2022. This new year will be marked by advancement, hope, faith, abundance, and God’s plans on your behalf. Difficulties will be obstacles to be detoured. But the goodness of the Lord will be graciously manifested in your life as you keep your faith in Jesus and live daily guided by the Holy Spirit. Have a happy and blessed New Year!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,
plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭ESV‬‬

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?
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