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Time of Crises: What’s Your Perspective? – {Part 3/3}

Believing is always more important than understanding, especially during a period of crisis. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this post will lead you to an attitude of intelligent faith to overcome fear and unbelief.

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In this last article of the series Time of Crisis: What is Your Perspective, we will see the importance of firmly believing in every moment we live, regardless of circumstances. It is only by faith that we access God’s grace for each new day. Life is made up of cycles and seasons, but we cannot believe only during Spring. Every moment has its beauty, opportunities and values.

Believing in the Midst of Crisis

A period of crisis always brings uncertainty. It is not just during the COVID-19 pandemic that you will deal with doubts about the present and the future. Every crisis takes us down with a coldness that seems to challenge our intellect in search of answers. But in fact, this attack targets our hearts. And if you are not well-grounded in the truth, you can suffer the damage caused by unbelief.

I remember the first time I dealt with doubts about faith. During my teenage years, while I wished for so many things that were not yet available to me, my head began to question God’s care. I didn’t know where I was going to go to high school, I didn’t have a girlfriend, I didn’t have a car (and I hated to depend on buses), among other answers that I expected soon.

The Bible is the Written Word of God

I was honestly doubting the Bible and God. But just as doubts bombarded my mind, a new idea also emerged: Why not read the greatest chapter in the Bible, which is Psalm 119? Notice that no thought comes out of nowhere. Fear and disbelief come from evil spirits. The truth that sets you free comes only from the Word of God.

And I chose to read Psalm 119 all the first time. I also read Psalm 73. And in those days, my parents invited the small church we attended to a service at our home. And that night, a woman who was possessed by a demon manifested in our room, with loud cries and a very strange voice. A man named Sebastian approached her with authority and, in the name of Jesus, ordered that demon to leave her life. And she was immediately delivered. My faith was stretched and matured during that time.

For behold, those who are far from you shall perish; you put an end to everyone who is unfaithful to you. But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works.

Psalm 73:27-28

Believing Before Understanding

I understood that the spiritual reality is more real than the physical world. There are many things that we cannot understand, let alone explain. But this is not a problem. For what God requires of us is to believe.

The Bible does encourage us to grow in our relationship with God to the point of appropriating the mind of Christ. We are invited to an intelligent faith, which is the result of obedience to faith. But it all starts with believing. There is plenty of evidence for the truth of the Bible and the faithfulness of God’s love for us. But before that, we need a personal commitment to the truth. And then we will never be deceived.

Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.

Jesus, Gospel of John 14:1


God placed a sense of eternity in man’s heart. Although we cannot understand everything or explain everything, we can always believe. This is God’s call to your life.

So choose to be radical against unbelief, especially in the midst of crises. Reject every fear, every effort for self-success, and every doubt. Decide to believe only, and you will experience the glory of God in your life and family.

Prayer: God, I want to know You personally. I thank you for Your written Word so that I can discover your promises and faithfulness in my life. I ask You please to heal my heart from all the wounds of the past and from all unbelief. And I invite your Holy Spirit to be welcome in my life and to reveal more of Your person, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?
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