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I Love Your Word: 4 Week Devotional Series for Families

I Love Your Word is the newest resource we develop with our friends to bless your family in a practical way. We had already experienced this 4 Week Devotional Series for Families with our children and they loved it. As we learn more about the details of God’s Word, it becomes our pleasure to pay attention to His Spirit and to live guided by his voice.

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Love God’s Word

I have seen a limit to all perfection, but your commandment is exceedingly broad.

Psalms 119:96

The psalmist declared his love for the Word of God when they still did not have the gospels of Jesus, the psalms were not compiled, and the Torah was all the Scripture available. Even though they had only a small part of the Bible, they had a lot. Let’s go deeper into the roots of this amazing book and get a passion for God’s Word!

The purpose of this 4 Week Devotional series is to show your family how delightful is the Word of God. We will study Psalm 119 and also learn the Hebrew letters. This psalm is an acrostic poem with 8 verses for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. When we finish this journey, your family will have read together the biggest chapter of the Bible and will know all the Hebrew alphabet.

These letters recorded the voice of God which was given to the people of Israel 1 millennium B.C. This is the first part of our Bible that the psalmist was praising. Hebrew is the language of God. Even before the confusion of languages in Babel, the Creator was speaking in this language with his people. There is a lot for your family to discover about the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet with its symbols and meanings.

But it will all become super simple – and fun – as you go with your family through this 4 Week Devotional series. Starting with a letter, you will have the opportunity to read some verses of Psalm 119, worship and pray together. The Word of God will become desirable for your children when they experience and understand its beauty. It brings wisdom, insight, and understanding:

“Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, for they are always with me. I have more insight than all my teachers because Your decrees are my meditation. I understand more than the elders because I obey Your precepts.”

Psalms 119:98-100

Let’s Start

Now gather your family and declare together with the psalmist to God: I love your word! As we learn more about the details of his law, it becomes our pleasure to pay attention to His Spirit and to live guided by his voice.

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