How to Make Life and Blessing Choices

Choices are ahead of us at all times. Usually the best and worst options are close by, a few feet apart. This post is an invitation for you to reflect on how to make the good decisions to experience peace and the best results in your life and family.

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In the Midst of the Garden

“And out of the ground the LORD God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

‭‭Genesis‬ ‭2:9‬

When the Lord God created all things, He planted many trees in the Garden of Eden. It was right there that He also established the first man and woman to enjoy together all the beautiful creation of God, with the exception of the fruit of a single tree.

This was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It was, according to the Genesis account, in the middle of the garden and close to the tree of life. My question is: if the only exception to food was the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, why didn’t they eat from the tree of life, preferring instead the forbidden fruit?

Although I don’t have the answer, I would like to read your comment at the end of this post. And I also want to share with you 2 truths about this account.

Life Choices

First, our lives are made up of choices and consequences. We need to make decisions daily. It is sometimes difficult to consider the paths available for the solution and to separate issues that mix, making our choices even harder.

Still, we like to make decisions, even more than waiting, although it is necessary in many cases. A few days ago I was very confused about an important decision. I had waited long enough and knew it was time to take a position on the subject.

I contacted a gentleman who I respect a lot and would be neutral in relation to the options available. And few words from him helped me to quickly move forward on that subject. He said to me: you have 2 issues and you must deal with one at a time.

I immediately found out, then, that my decision making had become an embarrassment because I mixed 2 different issues in my head. When I ended the call, I went to a meeting with the person responsible for the first matter and we reached a good agreement. Great.

Soon after, a friend I was working with that afternoon told me about the importance of releasing forgiveness for hindrances to be removed from our path. I knew that was the solution to the second part of my problem.

I decided, then, that I would forgive a person who had harmed me last week. The next day, I talked to that person about my forgiveness, giving him a simple gift. But even before the opportunity to speak personally with that person, declaring my forgiveness, I was already well resolved, at peace and with my head free to stop thinking about those matters.

If you need to decide on something that looks very complicated, how about starting by distinguishing between different issues involved in your problem? Can you identify two or more issues that can be addressed separately? If you do, you will certainly reach the complete solution easier and faster.

Blessing Choices

Furthermore, when we look at those 2 trees of Eden, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we see the contrast between the best and the worst choice.

You can take a path to the destiny that God has prepared for you, live in peace, prosperity and success. Or opt for the inappropriate, heavier and advantageous only for the very short term.

There are 2 very different ways to make your decisions and, consequently, live your results. The first and best is seeking to hear what the word of God is on that subject, and simply obey – peace is the mark of that choice. The other is to consider the options available and pick the one that most pleases your feelings, which can be compared without exaggeration to the forbidden fruit.


When faced with any decision, the word of God tells us that we are facing life and death, blessing and curse. And He tells us to choose life to live, and blessing to be blessed. God loves you and cares about the best results for your life and family. So, reject the choices of curse and death, and persist to choose life and blessing.

Prayer: Lord God, I thank you for always giving me wisdom to solve my problems. I now decide to listen and obey your voice. Please send your word and help me, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?
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