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Dreams and Their Importance for Daily Problems Solutions

Do you usually have dreams? I speak of the kind of dream that one has asleep. In this post I share a little bit about what the Bible tells us on dreams and how you can benefit from their meanings.

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Joseph of Egypt, as one of the sons of Jacob became known, experienced a radical promotion in his life including his entire family from the moment that Pharaoh had a dream that no one else can interpret.

Dreams, Everywhere and at All Times

Most interesting in this context is the reality that God communicates with all people through dreams. You have dreams – rare or frequent – just like anyone else who has lived at any time or place in history.

The Bible tells us about Job’s dreams in the early days of mankind, Pharaoh in Egypt, Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, and dozens of other occasions when God revealed himself to people while they slept.

Dreams and Divine Solutions

This week I had a dream in which I saw a huge water reserve, a deep and wide lake. As I saw some fish in that water float on their backs, I realized that the water was low on oxygen. There was not enough fresh water supply to renovate the lake which contained many large fish.

Then, I was able to see a system of valves in the distance through which it would be possible to inject fresh water into that tank. And somehow, despite the immensity of that lake and the large amount of fish, I felt responsible for solving that problem.

When I went to that water valve and started to unlock the steering wheel a little bit, a large amount of fresh water began to enter the lake, while the number of fish that were floating, almost dying, had already grown from about 10 to more than 100. But as soon as the new water arrived, they all returned below the water, swimming quickly.

Take Good Advantage of Your Dreams

When I wake up I have the habit of staying a few minutes in silence and with my eyes closed to remember the greatest amount of details of the dream I had. This is important because usually a dream is forgotten seconds after you wake up, unless you value it.

In addition to remembering the details, I had a clear understanding of the meaning of this dream – which I can share in another post soon.

So I have discovered the solutions to some complex problems and issues even before they appear in my daily life. It is not for nothing that great kings of the past valued their dreams and invested in people capable of helping them in their interpretations.


God speaks to all people in all places and times through dreams. So, start paying more attention to your dreams and ask God for understanding so that you and your family can benefit from their meanings.

Prayer: God, I thank you for your faithful love and for caring about me. I ask you to bless my sleep and also to reveal yourself to me through dreams of which I have an understanding, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?
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