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Waiting Means Trusting: 3 Signs During Waiting Time

Waiting is the best way to express trusting. What have you been waiting for patiently or are you tired of waiting? How long will you wait? Meditate on this post and find out what is the right time for your attitude.

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3 Signs While Waiting

I don’t know a single person who likes to wait. But we all crave something for today that will only arrive soon. And in this expectation, waiting is synonymous with believing, hoping and even promising.

The Bible says that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life (Pv 13:12). This does not mean that waiting is bad at all. After all, Jesus said that whoever wants to follow him must deny himself, saying that he must deny his own heart – meaning soul, thoughts, wills, and emotions.

The reward for those who trust and wait until their desire is fulfilled is a tree of life. Unfortunately many people are living far away from its fruit because they advance the signal and engage in dramatic accidents.

To gain access to the fruit of the tree of life, choose to submit to the waiting time while trusting your cause in God’s hands.

“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

‭Isaiah‬ ‭40:31

Stop and Ask God

The first step in this regard is to ask the Holy Spirit what he thinks about the subject. And obviously be silent to hear his sweet voice. Insist on this process by questioning in submission until you understand the words he whispers within you.

God is spirit and he communicates with your spirit. His voice will respond within you, not in your reason. This happens closer to your stomach than at the top of your head. And as you experience hearing and understanding what the Holy Spirit has to say to you, you will receive the wisdom and peace you need.

Pay Attention and Perceive Peace

This peace is what everyone needs so much but does not enjoy because They do not accept waiting to hear God. Generally when you perceive this peace in your spirit, it in itself is better than the visualization of your coming desire.

God is peace. One of his names is Jehovah Shalom, the Lord is Peace. Pay attention that when you perceive it, you are enjoying God Himself. And the contrast with anything else is absurd and unmistakable. Therefore, here you are more than halfway to the solution of your problem, your decision making or the fulfillment of your desire.

When we moved to Dallas, one of our biggest challenges was choosing the right school for our son. Between two of which we were named the best, I realized that both were great.

But when we visited the first, a lot of confusion marked our time there, with a lot of paperwork, until a student threw her lunch over us at another girl while we waited on the reception couch. When we arrived at the second school, the receptionist gladly greeted us by showing us the entire enrollment folder already completed and introduced us to his new teacher Mrs Jones, who was a gift from God to us.

On that occasion, we could teach our children how to expect and perceive God’s peace as the rule for our decisions.

Persevere in the Right Direction

After hearing the Holy Spirit and receiving his peace, persevere in the right direction. Move on to what he directed you to, without considering any other circumstances or emotions. At that moment it is essential that you learn to give commands to your soul.

We see that constantly in the Psalms. Whenever King David and other psalmists faced obstacles, persecution or any kind of negative thinking, they immediately used their own words, spoken in an audible voice, to orient their soul. Your words are essential to keep you going towards the blessing destiny that God has for your life.

“Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭42:11‬


Waiting is necessary as well as trusting to make your relationships healthy with both God and people. And the best way to get through this waiting time is to ask the Holy Spirit what he thinks about this matter.

This will give you peace and the right direction to persist toward God’s best for you and your family. He will act on your behalf as he notices that your confidence is in him. Wait in God with patience, for you will still praise him for his faithfulness and eternal love.

Prayer: God, I recognize that You alone are God, The Sovereign and Almighty. Please tell me what You think about this situation I face today. I ask you to help me while I wait patiently in the name of Jesus. Amen.

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?
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