Long Term Vision: My Personal Testimony of Meeting Jesus

Did you know that Jesus calls us for a long term vision? This includes a radical change of mindset. And also a spiritual transformation that is forever. Meditate on this post as I share my personal experience and learn how to live for the greatness God has prepared for you and your family.

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Every human being is a spiritual being who has a soul and dwells in a body. Our essence, therefore, is spiritual. Just as we need to be generated and born naturally to have a physical body, we need to be born spiritually through Jesus so that our spirit has access to the Kingdom of God.

There is only one way this can happen. It is so simple that Jesus questioned how Nicodemus, a teacher in Israel, did not understand these things.

Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Gospel of John 3:3

A Decision for Jesus

In fact, the important and simple thing about this subject is more believing than understanding. I was a child, around 10 years old, when I accepted Jesus into my heart. I was with my grandmother Cida at Praça Brasil in Pinheiral, a small town in Rio de Janeiro.

There was an event there, promoted by the Congregational Church, with singers and the word of God was given. I was not aware of the message. I was just walking around. But for some reason, my attention was totally drawn to the sound of the speakers as the preacher closed his speech.

I heard the invitation: Who here wants to receive Jesus as Lord and savior of your life, and live God’s plans for you from now on? That is what I understood. The opportunity was not bad at all, but very good. And immediately I decided in my heart that I wanted that.

Among other people, I raised my right hand voluntarily and repeated with my mouth the words of the prayer he led at that time. Since then, my life has never been the same!

If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, you will be saved.

Apostle Paul, Letter to the Romans 10:9

Holy Spirit, My Best Friend

Today I understand that at that moment Jesus accomplished in me the new birth. He gave me his Holy Spirit, who is the very person of Jesus revealed to us, to be my best friend. As a child, when going to school or going to bed, among many other moments of the day, the Holy Spirit and I started talking.

I never asked him a question without receiving an immediate answer. Truth is the essence of his word. There is nothing in the whole universe that compares to a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. And the only way to enjoy this conviviality is to accept Jesus exclusively in your life, being born spiritually.

BC: The Past

I express my great gratitude to the people who helped me in this process, especially the Pinheiral Congregational Church for the event that evening. And of course to my parents and family who were already praying for me to have an encounter with God.

In our family, the historic is not the best. Idolatry, divorce and addiction mark the past. I don’t need to detail this here. But still within a context of limited and unstructured vision, I considered myself the most unlikely for a successful future.

I simply did not know that God had a dedicated personal plan for my life. He always has a plan. And a beautiful long term vision.

AC: The Future

At the same time, I have learned that God’s will is not automatic. Since he is not a cruel and controlling person, his love offers us the opportunity to make choices. And that is the most beautiful part of God’s love. He will never force you to any destination.

Although God’s desire is blessing and salvation for all people, not everyone will be saved and blessed. It’s sad, but there are people who simply reject the opportunity to live God’s plans for their lives. Once you have read this post, you now have a greater responsibility before God, as you will exercise your right of choice in this matter.

I am proclaiming through my personal experience that God’s will is for you to live above average, in favor and blessing every day of your life, and for all eternity. And only by deciding to make God’s will a reality in your life can you find that Jesus’ words are true.

Therefore, do not hinder God’s best for your life. A simple decision can completely change the future. And only you can make that decision. If you do not choose to align with God’s will, you are still deciding the opposite. In the spirit realm there is no neutral field, only light and darkness, life and death, blessing and curse.

Enlarge the place of your tent,
and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out;
do not hold back; lengthen your cords
and strengthen your stakes.

The Prophet Isaiah 54:2


The condition of your eternity is the condition of your spirit now. The way you perceive your insides right now is what the rest of your life will look like for eternity unless you make a simple decision of faith. As spiritual beings we are, our lives will never end. It can be happy forever or eternal suffering.

Considering that, decide right now to believe in Jesus and receive him into your life at heart, rejecting everything else. God loves you infinitely. And he demands exclusivity in your life, because what he has for you is the best in every detail you can imagine. Just believe and confess in your own words. Your life will never be the same!

Prayer: God, I thank you for You are good and your love endures forever. I believe and confess that I receive Jesus as the lord and savior of my life. I renounce any and all links with the devil and his demons, every curse, addiction and past sin. Help me, God, to live in communion with You today and forever, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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