Who God Is {Part 4} – God Is Holy

Holy is a pretty misused term nowadays. As we approach the so-called “All Saints Day” shortly after “Halloween” (by Hallows ‘Even, which means All Saints’ Eve) let’s talk about it. Although these dates are currently related to religious Christianity, these traditions are totally contrary to the truth of the Word of Christ.

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In this last post of the “Who God Is” series we will see that holiness is one of God’s most outstanding characteristics in the Bible. Holy is his only attribute repeated three times in a row. The idea of this post is to reveal the true meaning of the term holy and guide you in how to deal with the sacred.

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In the Bible, the Hebrew term qadosh means exalted, separate, distinct or from God. Nothing is sacred in itself apart from God. Places, people, angels, and days are considered holy because they relate to God. He is holy, holy, holy as we read in the prophet Isaiah and also in Revelation.

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts;
the whole earth is full of his glory!”

The Prophet Isaiah 6:3

God’s holiness constrains us. There is no better response but holy fear, reverence, and request for help. Contemplating God in worship is both frightening and delightful. We can notice the huge distance between our status and the glorious majesty of God as His love embraces us with acceptance and changes us to be more and more like Him if we allow.

Friends or Servants

God is truly holy. That is his nature. But that by no means imply that he wants to keep his distance from us. God created man and woman to relate to him for eternity. Once humanity was corrupted, a gap came into existence between God and us.

But God always has a plan. He decided through a family to bring into the world the savior, his own son Jesus. Our life without him makes no sense, has no reason to exist, and would never be satisfactory. If you realize a need for radical change in your life, you need to become friends with Jesus.

He left his glory in our favor. He called disciples who expanded his message of salvation to everyone. And he said that he would not call them servants, but friends, for all that he heard from the Father he made them known. You can also become friends with Jesus if you choose to obey his words.

You are my friends if you do what I command you.

Jesus, Gospel of John 15:14

The Holy Spirit, my Best Friend

It may seem strange that you need to obey a person to enjoy his friendship. But remember, we are not talking about an ordinary man like any other. The holy God invites us into a personal relationship with him. There is no opportunity that comes close to this: being a friend of God and becoming holy as he is.

I remember accepting this invitation from Jesus as a child. Since then, I have been personally relating to his Holy Spirit, my best friend. His words do not control or manipulate me. They guide me to a life of justice, peace and full joy.

Holy, Righteous and Good

The words of Jesus are true and consistent always. They have the ability to connect us with God from the beginning of this new relationship to a growing intimacy with Him. See what the apostle Paul says about the commandment of Jesus:

So the law is holy, and the commandment is holy and righteous and good.

Apostle Paul, Letter to the Romans 7:12

Remembering that this letter was written to a broad audience of Gentiles and Jews living in Rome, it is important to note the apostle’s distinction between law and commandment. The law is the set of ordinances given by Moses exclusively to the people of Israel. The commandment is to love as Jesus loved. The commandment is to the Jews a particle of the law, and to the Gentiles all their own lives.

The way you respond to Jesus’ commandment makes all the difference in your life, here and in eternity. It is your decision to live in love that makes you holy as he is holy. More than that, this decision of faith in Jesus leads you to a life of many fruits for the Father to be glorified. If you accept this commandment, you live. Otherwise you simply remain the same and the future will not be good.


If your feast or fantasy has no God clearly present, beware! False saints and ghosts are not even for play.

So do not waste time. Decide to accept Jesus’ words in your life and be filled with the Holy Spirit. The God who invites you to be holy, as he is truly holy, offers you everything you need. Just say yes and receive a new gift life.

Prayer: Holy God, I give you thanks and choose to live the best that You have for my life. I accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and help me live for your glory. I ask and thank you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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