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Devotional Reading Plan for your Little Children

Do you want to raise your children loving God but do not know exactly how to start? Of course, it is important to take them to a good school and to church. But the most assertive step you can take is to invest time with them reading the Bible consistently. This post will help you to put in action a devotional plan that will change your generations for better. Good reading! Also share with your friends and let your comment below.

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A consistent devotional time

More important than teach Bible stories for our children is to seed the fear of the Lord into their hearts. This is the only way for them to love God sincere and voluntarily as they grow up. As I notice my children’s love for me and my wife, I cannot accept the possibility of my children not loving God for their entire lives. Since their first years, they know how to respond with appreciation when they are well cared. If our personal love brings them close to us, how much more the love of God will attract them!

Now, it is our responsibility as parents to show them who God is, not only with Bible verses but with a testimony of a true relationship with him. Once our children get to know who our God is, they will open their hearts to the Word of God and his wonderful plans to our family.

That’s why I decided to invest in a consistent devotional time with my children. I love this time with them. Rapha helps me with this “task” when I need to arrive late at home, but usually I do this meeting with them at bed time. As children have a lot of energy, even late on night, they are always looking for some activity to do instead of go to sleep.

So I started to take advantage of this interest to make the devotional time this kind of activity. Every night after my children brush their teeth and go to bed, they take our iPad, open the YouVersion app and go to the right chapter we are supposed to read. They know better than we do where we are in our reading.

We will not keep them from our children;
we will tell the next generation
about the LORD’s power and his great deeds
and the wonderful things he has done.

Psalms 78:4
devocional devotional

Getting ready

  1. Make sure your children are read to go to bed. No distraction.
  2. Pray with your children, thanking God for the Bible, and asking for the Holy Spirit to give you understanding. Set a reverence environment.
  3. Read the Bible, taking advantage of your children interests. Let they ask you always they want, if it is related to that reading.
  4. Pray again with your children, thanking God for his revelation. You can also play a worship song about that reading. After some nights, give to your children the opportunity to lead this prayer moment. 
  5. If you have a calm worship song to play after they lie down to sleep, they will love to hear it. If your can stay, and pray for them, they will sleep as the Holy Spirit guides you to pray and prophecy over them. 

Reading Plan

You can follow this Reading Plan with your children, reading 1 or 2 chapters every night:

Gospel according to Luke
Paul’s Letters
Gospel according to John
John’s Letters 
Gospel according to Matthew 
James Letter
Peter’s Letters
Jude’s Letter
Gospel according to Mark

Putting the plan into action

This is my personal plan that I share with you. You can adapt to your reality, according to the Holy Spirit guidance. Pray for this devotional time to be more than Bible reading, but a consistent discipline to encounter God every singe night in your home. Let´s start?

Prayer: God, I thank you for my children and for the privilege of sharing your love with them. Please help us as family to go deeper in relationship with you. I pray that you reveal yourself to us through our devotional time with this reading plan, praying and worshiping you together, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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